Recreation for all seasons and styles

Thrill seeker. Athlete. Shopaholic. Wine aficionado. However you describe yourself, you’ll have no problem finding activities that fit your niche in Colorado.

Adventure awaits

Explore Colorado’s rugged terrain on foot, mountain bike, kayak, ATV or even by hot-air balloon. Colorado’s 14ers (one of the state’s 54 peaks rising more than 14,000 feet above sea level) and other mountainous regions are great for hiking and mountain biking, skiing, snowmobiling and rock climbing. Or, if water sports sound more appealing, the state’s lakes and rivers are great for rafting, jet skiing and kayaking.

Cultured in the arts

Music, dance, theater and visual arts performances offer great entertainment in some of the best venues in Colorado. Local artists can often be seen showcasing their talents at festivals and galleries throughout the state. You can also find world-class exhibits at museums like The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver or the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center.

Catering to the food lover

If culinary adventure is more your style, Colorado doesn’t disappoint. Many renowned chefs are making their mark on the dining scene, opening new restaurants that practice the farm-to-table philosophy. Or, cheers to the good life at one (or several) of the local craft breweries and wineries. Beer and wine tasting events are a great way to test your palate and learn a thing or two about the state’s agribusiness.