Make a Powerful Impact. Teach, practice and innovate health care.

Innovative Health Care Technology Meets Patient-Centered Care

Physicians across the world are discovering incredible breakthroughs in health care. Often times, the behind-the-scenes research prevents them from directly getting to see the life-changing impact it has on individuals and their families. Here, you get the joy of working with patients while practicing evidence-based medicine.

Practicing evidence-based medicine

As a CPMG physician, you work alongside researchers from Kaiser Permanente Colorado Institute for Health Research—one of the nation’s largest research programs. At Kaiser Permanente, you get the opportunity to utilize their important findings first-hand with patients to improve outcomes and shape the future of health care.

Inspire the next generations

CPMG has academic affiliation agreements with a number of institutions, including the University of Colorado Health Science Center. While your patients are your priority, you will have the opportunity to engage with medical students, residents, fellows, and other health-professional students.