After travel and adventure, physician returns home to make a difference

Dr. Michelle Lyn Glasgow, M.D.
Dr. Michelle Glasgow
Primary Care Physician

Dr. Michelle Glasgow has spent her adult life working hard — and playing hard. In college, she worked as an EMT and flight paramedic, and later, spent a few years dedicated to training for and racing triathlons. Her decision to pursue her love of diving and study hyperbaric medicine at Saba University School of Medicine in the West Indies shows Dr. Glasgow’s zest for health and happiness.

She knew from a young age that she would pursue a career in medicine. “My parents would confirm that since I was about three years old, I have wanted to be a doctor. It’s the only thing I cared about. If a book didn’t mention a doctor or medicine, I wouldn’t read it. I watched ‘Trapper John M.D.’ every Tuesday night. It was an unreal obsession,” Dr. Glasgow says, laughing.

Keeping it simple, and moving back home

Dr. Glasgow married her dive instructor, a Scot and former member of the Royal Navy whom she met while studying hyperbaric medicine, 14 years ago. The two moved back to the U.S. 17 years ago, and after her residency in Billings, Montana, she applied for a job with CPMG.

“I was pregnant with my daughter, and looking for a job. CPMG sent me an offer letter in the mail, and it was the most simple thing I’ve ever seen — especially compared to other contracts I was considering that were hundreds of pages long,” she says. The short, simple contract helped seal the deal and she and her husband moved back to Fort Collins, Dr. Glasgow’s hometown, in 2004.

Prioritizing activity for patients — and herself

Dr. Glasgow’s strategy for patient care focuses as much on positive lifestyle habits and disease prevention as it does on acute care and treatment. “I was excited to bring Kaiser Permanente medicine to Northern Colorado. Creating the culture of preventive medicine here was so huge, because it supports Fort Collins as an active, healthy community. A lot of traditional medicine does not go that route,” she says. “It’s been awesome to bring that back to the community I was born and raised in,” she says.

As a lifelong competitive athlete, Dr. Glasgow preaches the benefits of activity and exercise to her patients. “Activity is a preventive step — and we don’t have as many acute care situations if we’re taking preventive steps. Activity levels determine a lot of health care outcomes, including whether patients have crises in their lives.”

Dr. Glasgow and her family prioritize athletics — she and her husband still run triathlons, she is a member of a Masters Swim Team and a USA swimming official, and their two children are involved in swimming, soccer and karate. But they’re not afraid to flex other muscles and try new things; Dr. Glasgow takes guitar lessons while her husband and children practice piano.

Making a difference

Dr. Glasgow helped open a new Kaiser Permanente medical office building in Fort Collins a few years ago, and she says she can already sense the difference being made and the impact on the community. “In the two and a half years we’ve been here, we’ve made a massive footprint saying, ‘We’re here for you when you’re healthy, and we’re here for you when you’re sick,’” Dr. Glasgow says.

The integrated medicine model practiced at the facility in Fort Collins includes a lab, X-ray services and pharmacy. Having those resources under one roof reduces miscommunications and allows the medical team to keep much better tabs on the status of patients.

“As a doctor, I consider myself my patients’ cheerleader — I’m here to listen to them, give them options and support those options,” Dr. Glasgow says. “On good days and on bad days, I am here for them.”

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