Brighton’s Neighborly Patients Inspire CPMG Physicians

Kaiser Permanente
Brighton Medical Offices

Dr. Priyanka Agarwal Gupta and Dr. Zachary Hutzayluk II both ventured to the Centennial State from Ohio and now find themselves serving a diverse population of Kaiser Permanente members together in Brighton, Colorado.

Though the circumstances of their moves to Colorado were different, these family medicine physicians’ stories do share some similarities. They knew from a young age that they aspired to practice medicine, and they have seized opportunities to lead innovative programs and utilize technology to provide high-quality care. They’ve also come to appreciate the people of Brighton and surrounding communities.

“I didn’t know much about the Brighton area before I interviewed at CPMG, but I found that it’s a manageable commute from Denver and I like that it feels like a community clinic,” says Dr. Gupta.

“Our patients have interesting backgrounds. Brighton is relatively rural, so we’ll see 80-year-olds who are still out working on their farms and wouldn’t go to the doctor unless their finger was chopped off,” comments Dr. Hutzayluk. “At the same time, we have young families from Commerce City and teachers from the local school district.”

The wide, open spaces of the Brighton area still foster a strong sense of community.

“Our patients often know one another and we’ll find them chatting in the waiting room,” adds Dr. Gupta. “I’ve been here for almost five years and I feel that I know most of my patients and their families well. One time I ran into a couple in the mountains and it surprised me that I recalled their names so quickly. It’s nice to know that I’ve built those relationships with my patients.”  

Kaiser Permanente’s Brighton Medical Offices are staffed by nine physicians and five mid-level providers who provide primary care services. While the physicians’ specialties vary among family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics, they operate as a cohesive Primary Care department. 

“Everyone gives it their all, and it makes our medical office function well,” says Dr. Gupta. “We make sure that new people joining our team understand the expectations and are willing to work to the highest level of their ability.”

“Our chief values our input and makes sure that she’s not asking us to do anything she wouldn’t be willing to do herself,” adds Dr. Hutzayluk.

The collegial environment and neighborly patients continually inspire Dr. Gupta and Dr. Hutzayluk to provide high-quality patient care.

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