Working With Like-Minded, Motivated Physicians Makes a Huge Difference

Dr. Suzanne Fishman
Allergist and Immunologist

Allergist and immunologist Dr. Suzanne Fishman has worked for CPMG, at Kaiser Permanente's Lakewood Medical Offices, for nearly 16 years. During that time, she has come to appreciate the CPMG team of committed physicians and support staff — and the fulfillment that comes from working with those who have shared values.  

“You work with like-minded, motivated, interesting doctors. It makes the day so much better when you’re working alongside physicians who value practicing evidence-based, patient-centered care,” Dr. Fishman says. “The group works really hard to recruit and screen doctors who will thrive in our integrated model. It sure helps to have an amazing pool of docs to work with!”

Cohesiveness, communication are strong points

Early in her career, Dr. Fishman spent a year in private practice but found private practice didn’t fit her values as well as being part of a medical group team. “Coming into the cohesiveness of the group and witnessing that passion to practice top-notch evidence-based medicine without the need to ‘churn’ patients — it all clicked for me, and I knew CPMG was where I wanted to be,” she says.

One of the great things about CPMG is the interconnectedness between physicians. Working closely with primary care doctors and specialists is easy, thanks to the communications systems in place.

“Being able to communicate with other physicians through interoffice messaging and email helps make me better at what I do. And soon, we’ll all be iPhone connected as well. Patients benefit greatly from CPMG’s streamlined communications and efficiencies,” Dr. Fishman says.

Specifically, CPMG’s EMR mechanisms allow for staff messaging, which creates a seamless way for physicians to communicate with specialists about specific patients’ care, and “p-advice,” which allows physicians to ask specialists for advice and communicate those answers directly to their patients. “In essence, I can work on the patient’s diagnosis, work up, and treatment all within a secure EMR,” she says.

Dr. Fishman adds that later this year, CPMG will also implement a virtual video visit feature that will facilitate virtual visits between patients and physicians.

Improvement is a team effort

Not only do CPMG doctors take pride in the care they deliver, many are also interested in working in some additional capacity to improve the care delivered to all patients by the organization. That could mean sitting on a unit-based team to drive innovation and quality projects, joining a regional committee that addresses specific diseases or health issues, or becoming an ambassador for the HealthConnect EMR system and disseminating information about new EMR requirements.

For Dr. Fishman, that means taking on an administrative role as chief of her department. “That’s what ownership means to me — taking an active role in helping the team, heightening the feeling that you are essentially helping to run the business,” Dr. Fishman says.

CPMG physicians are encouraged to explore involvement in the organization and leadership roles. Not only does it contribute to the well being and success of the organization, it also give physicians opportunities to use other parts of their brains and skill sets, she adds.

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