A Colorado Native Finds Her Mission at CPMG

Abby Miller, MPH
Executive Director of Business Management and Care Delivery Analytics

Abby Miller, a fifth generation Coloradan, decided to explore diverse parts of the country before returning to the state where most of her family lives. First, she studied biochemistry at Middlebury College in Vermont.

“Even though I took all of the pre-med classes and could have pursued medical school, I discovered that I was much more interested in the policy side of health care. That led me back across the country to the University of California Berkeley, where I earned my Master of Public Health,” says Miller. 

She completed a fellowship with Kaiser Permanente in northern California as part of her master’s program and worked in strategic management consulting for Sutter Health before she returned to the Centennial State, bringing her husband and young child with her.

Miller first joined Colorado Permanente Medical Group as a business and project manager, which involved partnering with physician leaders to drive execution of organizational priorities and initiatives.

“Kaiser Permanente is a mission-driven organization and I sincerely believe in its model of integrated care delivery. Besides that alignment with my values, I get to work with genuinely funny and wonderful people. Not everyone is employed by an organization that also cares for their family’s health. Some people may find it awkward to have meetings with the doctors who delivered your babies, but I think it’s cool.”

Since joining CPMG, Miller has expanded her roles in both Business Management and motherhood. She was promoted to senior business manager and later added Care Delivery Analytics under her purview. Now, she’s the Executive Director of Business Management and Care Delivery Analytics – and the mother of three kids.

“There are so many opportunities at CPMG for both administrative team members and physicians to grow into the career they’ve always wanted. It’s a collaborative environment and one that allows you to play in the spaces that interest you.”

At CPMG, life extends outside of the office and employees are encouraged to be mindful of their total health.

“There is a philosophy of having work-life integration that is valued here. I will admit that it is easier said than done to achieve, but I do appreciate that my colleagues share my values and commitment to their own families.”

“I work out of the Regional Offices, and the building itself is a prime example of how we’re encouraged to thrive in mind, body and spirit. There’s an open atrium on the first floor that is inviting and makes it easy to get work done or hold a meeting. It’s a great place to bump into colleagues that you normally wouldn’t have the chance to see – maybe you’ve exchanged emails, but this space brings people together. And the other floors have these loops around them like a track. People will have walking meetings or just get their steps in while they’re on a conference call.”

Miller says that the people she works with and the members they collectively serve are the reason she intends to stay at CPMG long-term. 

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