Dermatologist’s Impact on Patients Goes Beyond Skin Care

Dr. Tina Suneja

Dermatologist Dr. Tina Suneja says there’s no place she’d rather work than CPMG, where she gets to work with colleagues who are passionate, committed, and capable team players. She also appreciates being part of an organization that practices innovative, intuitive, preventive medicine. “A lot of times, health insurance and medical care is really not health care — it’s sick care. But CPMG and Kaiser Permanente focus so much on preventive care and progressive ways to help patients take charge of their health. It’s just incredible,” she says.

Innovations make a big difference

From little things, like patients being able to email their doctors, to bigger steps forward like video consults that connect patients with specialists, CPMG gets it right, Dr. Suneja says. “If I can take care of a patient inquiry with an email instead of an office visit, that gives me more time to take care of the patients who need it the most. Email makes it easy for patients, too — they can even email us photos now. It’s so advanced,” she says.

“We’re in our second year of tele-dermatology, which allows patients to set up a video consult from their primary care doctor’s office,” she continues. As CPMG expands its reach throughout Colorado, video consults provide access to specialists like dermatologists for patients who might otherwise have to drive hours to see one. “It’s a fantastic concept. We have been able to diagnose conditions and illnesses based on great images that have been provided during the tele-dermatology sessions,” Dr. Suneja says.

Chance to develop close relationships

Dr. Suneja chose medical dermatology because she wanted a specialty that was primarily outpatient clinic-based and allowed her to work with patients of all ages. Not only does dermatology allow her to work on a variety of procedures, but she also enjoys the benefits of developing close relationships with her patients.

“I see some patients multiple times a year, so I’ve been able to build rapport and relationships that allow me to get to know my patients on a more personal level,” she says. “I have the ability to impact other areas of their health as well, not just skin health, by having important discussions about lifestyle choices and making sure they’re taking care of themselves.”

A welcoming place for transplants

Dr. Suneja grew up in the Midwest — St. Louis — so when she moved to Colorado for her husband’s new job eight years ago, she wasn’t sure what to expect. “I’m a transplant in every sense, but I was pleasantly surprised by not only the beautiful weather and the lack of humidity, but the friendliness and health-mindedness,” she says. “It’s such a kind, progressive place to live and raise your family. We love it here.”

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