Collaborative Patient-Centered Culture Sets CPMG Apart

Dr. Michelene Kuhr
Primary Care Physician

Fifteen years ago, Dr. Michelene Kuhr moved to Denver from her hometown of Detroit to complete her residency at Saint Joseph Hospital. She had always planned to move back — but that never happened. She fell in love with Colorado, and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

In her years of practice, all but 18 months have been spent as a CPMG physician. “I tried private practice for a year and a half, but the collaborative culture just wasn’t there. I missed that collaboration that centered on the patient, not the bottom line, and that’s really what brought me back to CPMG,” she says.

Working at CPMG has clear benefits, she says, particularly the excellent colleagues and unique, patient care-centered culture.

The importance of customer service

At the heart of Dr. Kuhr’s approach to providing patient care is a commitment to customer service she learned from her mother.

“My family immigrated to the Detroit area from Lebanon during the civil war in the ‘70s. My mother became a hairdresser to support our family,” says Dr. Kuhr, who spent some of her teenage years working at the reception desk in her mother’s salon.

Dr. Kuhr’s father became ill during her college years, and passed away right before she started medical school. With the help of one her mother’s regular customers, a fund was established to help pay for educational expenses — and together, those customers raised enough to pay for all four years of med school.

“I learned a lot of values from my mother, about customer service and taking care of people,” Dr. Kuhr says. “Her good customer service paid for my med school.”

Leadership opportunities

CPMG encourages physicians to take on leadership roles within the organization. As the Physician Co-Director of Member Experience, Dr. Kuhr develops end-to-end member experience initiatives and is the CPMG lead for physician education about the different KP insurance plans that are now offered to our members. Wearing this administrative hat, she uses her customer service instincts to create educational tools that guide physicians through cost conversations with patients.

And in October, Dr. Kuhr became Medical Office Chief, overseeing the workflow between departments at the Baseline Medical Offices in Boulder, Colorado.

Dr. Kuhr moved to Denver with her now-husband in 1999, and has no plans to leave. “I came here for my residency and the plan was always to move back to Detroit — but we really love the climate, being active, hiking and biking with my daughter,” she says. “It’s just really hard to beat Colorado!”

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