Finding a Cure for Monotony in Family Medicine

Dr. Donna Baldwin
Family Medicine Physician

Rising to the Challenge at CPMG

Never one to shy away from a challenge - or accept monotony - Dr. Donna Baldwin, family medicine physician at the Kaiser Permanente Parker Medical Offices, has been able to set her own course at Colorado Permanente Medical Group and build a career as a clinician, leader and innovator that's both rewarding and enriching. More than 1,100 CPMG physicians care for the members of Kaiser Permanente. In addition to Dr. Baldwin's practice, she is currently serving her second term as Vice President on the Colorado Medical Board.

Dr. Baldwin reflects on her choice to practice family medicine. "Family medicine was really attractive because you get the opportunity to care for people in so many different circumstances - seeing patients in the hospital or in a clinic, working in an emergency room or urgent care, and even delivering babies. Personally, I like to be able to see different things. I like the challenge that comes with helping patients with drastically different histories and drastically different needs. Family medicine is never boring, which works out well for me."

Prior to joining the Parker Medical Offices in 2013, Baldwin maintained a practice at Kaiser Permanente's Smoky Hill Medical Office. There, she built her family medicine practice and was able to delve into the administrative side of the organization as well. For more than 10 years, she worked with the CPMG physician recruiting team and was instrumental in the hiring of more doctors of osteopathic medicine like herself.

"Coming out of medical school, I had a fairly clear picture of what I did and didn't want in a career. I knew I wanted an outpatient practice. I knew I didn't want to deliver babies or work in a hospital. I knew I wanted to be a part of the community. But when I did my residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, I really saw the value of working on a team and especially having a clinical pharmacist to refer to. So when looking for job openings at different private practices and large groups and academic centers, I always went back to the support that I had as a resident with the clinical pharmacist. Kaiser Permanente was one of the first places to have that resource. As a physician, I value the support system of our entire Kaiser Permanente team. I was able to offer my skills in administrative and leadership positions very early on in my career."

As a double board-certified physician in both family medicine and medical acupuncture, Dr. Baldwin is able to broaden the treatment options she gives her patients, offering in-clinic acupuncture therapies at her Parker practice for everything from back pain to insomnia.

"I always try to help patients as much as I can, and I also challenge them to look at methods other than medication or surgery to help solve their issues or medical concerns. Acupuncture serves another step in that direction. I'm able to add extra value and present new treatment avenues to explore."

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