Finding a Medical Home

Dr. Sara Herstad
Family Medicine Physician

For Dr. Sara Herstad, family medicine physician at the Parker Medical Offices, joining Colorado Permanente Medical Group played a large role in moving to Colorado.

In her six years of practice at her suburban office, Dr. Herstad has learned that, as a primary care provider, the key to delivering an exceptional patient experience is listening and developing a rapport with her patients over time.

"As I was growing up, my pediatrician planted the thought of being a doctor in my head," explains Herstad. "And I listened. As I got older, I still kept that advice with me. We had that kind of relationship. In fact, my pediatrician actually suggested the college I ended up going to for my undergrad - a small school in southern Indiana."

"In med school, I liked all of the rotations, but I was really drawn to the generational relationships that Family Medicine allows you to build. you Get to see kids, parents, even grandparents, and get to know them over time and build that trust. The longer the relationship and the more interaction you have, the more trust your patient has in your ability to accurately diagnose afflictions and suggest treatments. So you listen and you get to know their personalities, so you can go, 'Yeah, this guy's typically pretty stoic, but he seems like he's in a lot of pain so something has to be wrong there.' For me as a Primary Care provider, it's invaluable to be able to provide that continuity of care and maintain relationships over time."

As a Medical Office Chief at the Parker Medical Offices, Dr. Herstad oversees an 8-physician team at one of the smallest, most general offices in Kaiser Permanente. While a quaint Main Street and sprawling ranches serve as charming reminders of Parker's roots, the community has seen tremendous growth over the decade, bringing many young families and entrepreneurs.

"We have a fun patient population here in Parker - lots of young families and small business owners. Patients tend to be well informed about their healthcare options. They come in with at least a baseline of understanding what's going on with their health and treatment options available to them. These patients bring a lot to the table and are good partners in working with our teams when something isn't easy to diagnose. As a physician, I appreciate that," says Dr. Herstad.

"What drew me to CPMG is my sister. Through her experience with her own care and the care of her kids, she'd found a medical home where they consistently received good quality, really convenient care. I thought that was great. So when I moved out to Colorado, I interviewed with a few places but ultimately chose CPMG because I believed in the integrated system and thought I would be able to take really great care of my patients with evidence-based medicine. It was an easy pick for me, and it's been great ever since."

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