Investing in Technology and Facilities for Improved Patient Care

Dr. Ozioma Gab-Ojukwu
Family Medicine Physician

In order to provide high-quality, affordable care for Kaiser Permanente members in Colorado, the organization continually invests in technology to improve care coordination and facilities that meet our members’ needs.

Dr. Ozioma Gab-Ojukwu, a family medicine physician at Aurora Centrepoint Medical Offices, has experienced this first-hand as the medical office undergoes a renovation. Completing the remodel while continuing to provide patient care is no small undertaking.

“I truly give kudos to our administrators for helping us through the renovation. Pre-planning was done months in advance, so we knew what was coming and could provide feedback on how we might best serve our patients during construction. As a provider, it felt good to have our suggestions taken into account since the work would affect us every day,” says Dr. Gab-Ojukwu.

When completed, the Aurora Centrepoint Medical Offices will offer a new Urgent Care department, Kaiser Permanente Colorado’s third Regional Acute Diagnostic And Referral (RADAR) center, and a refreshed look throughout the entire medical office. Skillful coordination among the 11 departments in the medical office has allowed for major construction milestones to be achieved, all while continuing to provide access to patients. 

An important part of the project was informing Kaiser Permanente members about the renovations and preparing them to find their doctor in a different area of the building than they were accustomed.

“My family received a notice of the remodel because we receive our own care here. For parents in a rush to get to their children’s appointments, it’s nice to have a little warning ahead of time so they know where they need to go,” notes Dr. Gab-Ojukwu.

In addition to what Dr. Gab-Ojukwu calls “a bright, shiny, new clinical space,” she is excited about the opportunity to ensure her colleagues make the most effective use of Kaiser Permanente’s HealthConnect electronic medical record system.  

Dr. Gab-Ojukwu has served for years as a HealthConnect ambassador for the Aurora Centrepoint Medical Offices, meeting with others passionate about the technology once a month to learn new advancements and keep her team updated.

When CPMG’s Department of Medical Informatics launched a new program in 2017 for physicians to serve as technical experts, Dr. Gab-Ojukwu made a natural transition into the more formal role of a Department Technical Lead.

This network of technical leaders, which covers all of Kaiser Permanente’s medical offices and specialty departments in Colorado, will help disseminate and maximize the use of technology in department operations and optimize the technical skill and efficiency of the department's physicians and staff.

“Anyone who has worked at Kaiser Permanente for a while may forget what it’s like to practice without a great electronic medical record system, but it is an essential part of our ability to provide integrated, coordinated care.”

In fact, being able to stay up to date – with technology and evidence-based medical knowledge – is one of the reasons Dr. Gab-Ojukwu has remained at CPMG for 10 years.

“Progressing with the times and searching out information to enhance what you do is immensely important as a physician. Every time I go to a conference with others in the health care profession, I take a big sigh of relief when I find that we are doing the right things at Kaiser Permanente.”

Dr. Gab-Ojukwu shares more about her journey to CPMG in part one of her story.

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