Passion For Patient Care Extends Beyond the Exam Room

Dr. Jennifer Ziouras
Primary Care Physician

To Dr. Jennifer Ziouras, a primary care doctor at CPMG, nothing is more important than providing patient-centered care. CPMG gives physicians the ability to focus on what’s best for their patients, which Dr. Ziouras loves. Having spent a few years in private practice before coming to CPMG 10 years ago, she is a huge fan of the kind of personalized care she’s now able to provide.

“All of us at CPMG are focused on doing what’s right for the patient and on what the patient needs. We’re not incentivized to do more or less for the patient. We are not incentivized for procedures performed. We can just focus on the patient,” Dr. Ziouras says.

Making patients a priority

When she was in private practice, it was difficult to see extra patients, and as a result, many would end up going to urgent care or even the Emergency Room. “In private practice, I wasn’t in the loop for these visits to the urgent care or Emergency Room,” Dr. Ziouras says. “This made it hard for me to manage my patients. I don’t want my patients to go to urgent care or the ER, have an expensive co-pay and sit for two hours waiting to see a doctor if I am able to take care of them in my clinic.”

At CPMG, with a large team of colleagues, Dr. Ziouras does everything possible to ensure her patients are able to get an appointment with her or a member of her health care team. And when patients do need urgent care or Emergency Care, she can help facilitate that and stay informed.

Growing and leading outside the clinical setting

At CPMG, Dr. Ziouras feels a deep sense of ownership over the care of her patients. And her concerns for them exist beyond the exam room. She has worked on several projects over the years to impact positive change for patients and physicians. From a chronic pain management program to a liaison program that strengthens communication between CPMG primary care doctors and CPMG specialists, Dr. Ziouras has played an integral role in impacting quality and safety improvements.

“Working in an organization like CPMG lets you explore leadership opportunities as a formal and informal leader,” Dr. Ziouras explains. “We want to use our individual strengths to give outstanding care to our members, whether that’s as a physician in the clinic setting or a leader working behind the scenes.”

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