Q&A With Julia Siu

Julia Siu
Talent Selection Specialist

Talent Selection Specialist Julia Siu is Colorado Permanente Medical Group’s newest physician recruiter. Specializing in cardiology, general surgery, neonatology, plastic surgery, and more, she joins CPMG with experience in both healthcare recruiting and community relations. Her background in both the health sciences and management give her a unique perspective on the staffing needs in this constantly changing industry.

In this Q&A, Julia discusses what she looks for in candidates and her recruiting style.

What is your recruitment philosophy or style?

My goal is to recruit physicians who share CPMG’s values and mission. When both organizations and candidates share a common goal, they work better as a team to achieve that. Apart from that, I like to listen. I think that learning more about the physician I’m evaluating and what made them decide to go into medicine is an important part of the recruitment process because it gives context to their background, interests, struggles, and successes. We’re not just hiring a resume; we’re hiring a person.

What qualities should good physician recruiters have?

I think that recruiters need to be personable, bring transparency to the hiring process, and be able to cultivate lasting relationships. Personally, I try to make sure physicians to have a great overall recruiting experience. Part of this comes from making sure candidates understand the recruiting process and what to expect from the first step to the last step. Taking the time to explain this is all part of building trust – in me as a recruiter, in CPMG as an employer, and in the hiring process as a whole. It goes a low way toward cultivating those lasting relationships. Doctors are in school for a long time and form great friendships with their fellow students and colleagues. So a great experience for one physician today can turn into a great referral from that physician down the road.

What are the benefits and challenges of being a physician recruiter?

The benefits of being a physician recruiter are endless. Apart from being able to hear a physician’s background story, it’s great to know your work in hiring makes a positive difference in our physicians’ and members’ lives. Lately, the biggest challenge we’ve faced as recruiters is that we have way too many great candidates in our pipeline – which is a good problem to have. The Kaiser Permanente name and brand have always been held with high regard within the medical community, so we have candidates who graduate from their respective programs knowing they want to work for Kaiser.

What general qualities are you looking for in a candidate?

At the end of the day, I’m looking for someone I would send my friends and family to. We meet with department chiefs before we post any opening to understand what kind of person they’re looking for. In speaking with a candidate, we know pretty early on whether they would be the right fit for the team. As far personal qualities go, beyond education and skill, we’re looking for people who are personable, caring, work well in a collaborative environment, and, really, are passionate about what they do. Success and passion often go hand in hand because, when you’re passionate about what you do, it’s no longer just a job – you get as much out of it as you put in.