Q&A With a Physician Recruiter: All About Amy Chang

Amy Chang
Amy Chang
Senior Talent Selection Specialist

Amy Chang, a Senior Talent Selection Specialist for Colorado Permanente Medical Group, is a physician recruiter specializing in bariatric surgery, pulmonology, addiction psychiatry, neurology, and more. In the five years since Amy joined CPMG, she has experienced the organization’s explosive growth from a unique perspective, and has interacted with hundreds of candidates to help grow the group from 700 physicians to more than 1,100.

In this Q&A, Amy discusses what she looks for in candidates and her recruiting style.

Q. What is your recruitment philosophy or style?

A. My style is to create harmony and balance. I want to find the right person for the department, and since every department — and clinic site for that matter — has a different personality, my strategy is to make sure that in addition to being qualified, each hire will be a good fit. That means knowing the personalities of the staff at each site, and the other nuances that make each worksite unique. We want to hire physicians who will be engaged and focused on the best way to care for our patients. The price of a poor fit impacts the entire team and our patients. That’s why we invest the time up front to discuss not only a candidate’s skills, but his or her values and way of working. High-functioning teams translate to better patient care and more satisfied patients.

Having a passion for helping to find the right fit is important. At CPMG we put the patient at the center of what we do, and as recruiters, the physicians we help select will ultimately be the face-to-face contact with our patients. We may never meet patients, but we’re part of the organization that cares about them.

Q. What qualities should good physician recruiters have?

A. They should be organized, flexible, have a good sense of humor, and be personable — good physician recruiters are social mavens. They’re socially dialed in and value relationships. Great recruiters also think about the big picture for the organization, and want to make a positive difference in the lives of candidates, the physicians that currently work in their organization, and ultimately the patients themselves. My bottom line is that our patients receive the best care possible.

Q. What are the benefits and challenges of being a physician recruiter?

A. The Affordable Care Act brought changes that have highlighted the stability and sustainability of larger group practices like CPMG, compared to private practices, so that’s been a benefit for us, making us look more attractive to many candidates who are seeking to be part of a stable organization. Something that’s specific to physician recruiting is, medicine is a very specialized field — we work with candidates who have spent many years in school and training before they start working. It’s a huge responsibility to be in this role, and it’s cool to realize the impact you are able to have on the organization as a recruiter.

Q. What general qualities are you looking for in a candidate?

A. We’re looking for people who are committed to working well with others, are collaborative team-players, value individual responsibility, and are adaptable and compassionate. CPMG focuses on patient-centered care, and we are looking for physicians who value caring for patients. My litmus test is, would I trust him or her? That’s part of the process for me, too. 

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