A Quality Career Providing Coordinated Care

Dr. Robert "Greg" Hackett
Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Robert “Greg” Hackett first experienced medicine through his father’s obstetrics and gynecology practice in Grand Junction, Colorado. Drawn to follow in his father’s footsteps as a doctor, he was inspired to understand the whole body as a unit and found his passion in a coordinated care approach to family medicine.

“As I finished my residency, it was important to me that I practice the way I believe is right – to just take care of patients’ problems without being influenced by financial pressures that could negatively affect their care,” says Dr. Hackett. “I found my place at CPMG because quality of care is truly emphasized.”

Dr. Hackett joined Colorado Permanente Medical Group in 2014 as a family medicine physician at Kaiser Permanente’s Rock Creek Medical Offices. Within two years, he embraced the call to serve as family medicine chief for the medical office.

Continuity of care has always been a top priority in Dr. Hackett’s practice, which blends well with the philosophy of evidence-based Permanente Medicine.

“The more I practice, the more I learn. You can’t treat every symptom separately. It’s essential to see the big picture in order to determine the best course of treatment,” adds Dr. Hackett. “That’s where an integrated system shows its intrinsic value. I can access comprehensive medical records and consult with CPMG specialists in an efficient manner that saves my patients time and hassle.”

Pediatrics and OB-GYN are right down the hall, and the primary care physicians coordinate seamlessly with the nurse practitioners and physician assistants on their team. This team orientation translates into a better member experience.

“The beauty of primary care is in forming relationships and getting to know your patients over time. I’ve found that the number of patients I’m expected to see in a day is very reasonable and I have time to invest in each patient individually. I also have tools to help solve some patients’ problems without an in-person appointment. I can do a phone call, email or video visit – it gives patients access to care without having to come in.”

And while technology plays a big role in making Dr. Hackett’s day-to-day practice manageable, sometimes nothing can replace a personal touch.

“One of my favorite parts of working at the Rock Creek Medical Offices is that we are right next door to Good Samaritan Hospital. I’m able to walk over and see my patients when they have been hospitalized. I think they appreciate seeing a familiar face and it’s rewarding as a physician to know that you’ve been able to check on them.”

“I also get to meet, in person, the specialists I’m consulting with online. It’s important for me to build relationships with them because I know it improves the care I’m able to provide my patients. We’re all willing to work together and share our expertise without judgment.”

It’s this combination of quality colleagues and convenient care options that has allowed Dr. Hackett to practice medicine the way he set out to – putting patients first and building relationships he intends to grow for years to come.

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