The Right Kind of Variety

Dr. Raghav Mishra
Internal Medicine Physician

As a bright, analytical young mind growing up in southern India, Raghav Mishra weighed his options of going into engineering or medicine. Although it was fun to work with machines and numbers, a career that involved caring for people felt more meaningful to him. His choice was made. More than 20 years later, Dr. Mishra is an internist with Colorado Permanente Medical Group. In this role, he mainly cares for Kaiser Permanente Colorado members who are in the hospital for any number of reasons.

At age 25, he moved to the United States after deciding to pursue higher education in internal medicine.

“I trained at the Rochester General Hospital in upstate New York. It was a great program with exceptional mentors and a nice city but the weather was the hardest thing to get used to. For someone who grew up in a dry, hot climate, eight months of gray skies and snow was a bit much for me.”

After residency, Dr. Mishra considered the pros and cons of working for a national versus local health organization.

“With a national organization, you get the benefit of size in terms of people, resources and technology, but often you lose your ability to make decisions locally. Smaller, local organizations tend to have the exact opposite problem,” he commented. “What surprised and impressed me most about CPMG is that it had the best of both worlds. Its affiliation with a well-respected, nationwide organization (Kaiser Permanente) provides just the right kind of partnership and visibility while preserving the physician-driven autonomy within medical offices and affiliated hospitals. The result is an excellent quality of care for patients and career satisfaction for physicians.”

As a result, Dr. Mishra joined CPMG, where he found the right work-life balance and sunshine to build a long-term home.

Dr. Mishra loves the variety that comes with internal medicine. Working out of Good Samaritan Hospital and Kaiser Permanente’s Rock Creek Medical Offices in Lafayette, he sees patients with widely varying needs and ailments, from those suffering from heart attacks, strokes and aggressive infections requiring hospital admissions to those seeking consultation before surgery.

“I think the most satisfying element of my experience within CPMG is that my partners and I get to truly practice the medical profession we trained for. The cohesive patient-provider experience of an integrated health care system makes a world of difference for everyone involved.”

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