Searching for "Awesome" at the Parker Medical Offices

Parker Medical Offices

A little southeast of Denver, the town of Parker, Colorado hosts a rich mix of old and new. Sprawling ranches abut a quaint town that has seen significant growth in the past decade – its population swelling to 50,000, including a significant number of families and entrepreneurs.

It’s here that the Parker Medical Offices strikes a perfect balance for physicians who are looking for the intimacy of a small practice with the benefits of belonging to a large medical group. As one of the smaller, more generalized medical office within Kaiser Permanente, it focuses on family and internal medicine care, with additional onsite pharmacy, medical imaging and laboratory services. It's this small town setting and the dedication to quality care that fuels its familiar atmosphere.

"We definitely have that small town feel," says Dr. Herstad, family practice physician and office chief at Kaiser Permanente's Parker Medical Office. "As a patient, you can count on that focus on quality of care that you'll find at any KP office, but you don't have to worry about feeling overwhelmed by such a big building. As a physician caring for the members of Kaiser Permanente, you really get to know one another beyond names and departments. Which, sometimes in larger offices, that's hard to do."

Small Team, Big Expectation 

Compared to other medical offices, the 8-physician team at the Parker office may seem small. But what it lacks in size, it makes up in community. From offering to cover for a college so he/she can see his/her kid's school play to walking down the hall to ask a professional opinion, it's a collegial atmosphere built on respect, approachability and the desire to provide the best patient care possible.

"We want awesome," says Herstad. "We make it a point to only hire awesome physicians and awesome staff because we want to take really great care of our patients."

"We're not looking for a warm body," adds Dr. Donna Baldwin, family practice physician at the Parker Medical Office. "We want someone who has compassion and a passion for caring for patients. I think setting that bar at the onset is an important part of delivering an exceptional patient experience and building trust — both patient-to-physician and physician-to-physician—and really adds to the family-like atmosphere that makes the Parker office such a great place to be."

Suburban AND Connected

At the end of the day, Kaiser Permanente's mission is to give patients the best quality care possible—no matter where they may live. Those who move to Parker are often seeking the happy isolation of a suburban setting, where they can raise a family or start a business and live their lives far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Traditionally, this reluctance would present a challenge for physicians attempting to refer patients to other specialists. However, technology and the group wide collegiality present within the CPMG organization makes this obstacle easily surmountable.

"One of the ways in which CPMG's integrated approach has been able to directly benefit my patients here in Parker is that I've been able to get to know other physicians and specialists virtually," explains Baldwin. "For the longest time, if you needed to see a specialist, you'd have to drive eight or more miles, or even to Denver—which, for lots of people who live in small towns, telling them to drive downtown is worse than telling them to drive to Kansas. So, through technology and communication, I can work with my patients and their specialists to eliminate some of those face-to-face visits without compromising on care."

She continues, "For example, I recently had a patient come in who needed clearance for surgery. I was able to do an EKG on my patient, share those results with his or her cardiologist, and, together, figure out what needed to be done to get him or her ready for surgery—and my patient never had to leave his or her hometown of Parker. It's wonderful to be part of a large medical group where we work together and have the ability to call on one another to do what's best for our patients. I think being part of CPMG really helps me build a stronger relationship with my patients, within my community."

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