From Shadowing to Leading Innovation

Dr. Priyanka Agarwal Gupta
Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Priyanka Agarwal Gupta first discovered Colorado Permanente Medical Group (CPMG) as a college student interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

“I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. The original reason was that my grandfather said he wanted a doctor in the family and I volunteered! I’ve always liked science and problem-solving. It felt like the right fit,” says Dr. Gupta.

Even before attending medical school at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Dr. Gupta had the opportunity to experience work in a Kaiser Permanente medical office.

“In college, I shadowed a CPMG family medicine doctor and I remember having a great time. It was so different from other clinics I had been to as a patient or to shadow. I loved the way things worked and the integration with the electronic medical records. I knew when I finished my residency that CPMG was my top choice.”

Since joining CPMG in 2012 as a family medicine physician, Dr. Gupta has served patients in the Primary Care department at the Brighton Medical Offices. Eager to continue learning and stay updated on best practices, she appreciates the resources CPMG provides to physicians.

“Each physician has education funds that can be used to attend CME courses and conferences around the country. I personally prefer to take advantage of the CME courses that Kaiser Permanente offers in its own medical offices. I’m able to join in person or watch the course online afterward if it’s more convenient,” comments Dr. Gupta. “I also use my education funds to subscribe to medical journals for self-learning. I enjoy taking the quizzes to test my knowledge.”

With the support provided by mid-level providers and nursing staff, physicians can spend more time with patients and avoid burnout. They’re also able to contribute to projects that improve care delivery and offer special programs to our members.

“We piloted a HealthySteps program for pediatrics at Brighton, and I serve as the physician lead. I was very involved at the beginning to hire a developmental specialist for this program, and now I work to ensure we continue to receive grant funding each year to keep it going.”

Dr. Gupta’s chief, Dr. Juanita Redfield, has encouraged her to participate in initiatives that impact Kaiser Permanente members throughout the Colorado region.

“Many physicians appreciate that they don’t have to be involved in the business of medicine when they work at CPMG, but I actually find it interesting. I help develop on-site health care options for large employer groups. We identify how we can provide more convenient care for their employees using virtual care or by having a health care provider come to their location to provide flu shots or other services,” explains Dr. Gupta.

“We might be given a small room in their facility to set up a computer and remote monitoring equipment, like blood pressure cuffs and a weight machine. Then we can provide the member with an e-visit or video visit, or have them use our ‘Chat with a Doc’ online service. They’re happy because they don’t have to leave work to go to a doctor’s appointment, and their employer is pleased by the efficient and cost-effective care we offer.”

These opportunities have allowed Dr. Gupta to grow in her career and innovate patient care at CPMG. To learn more about Dr. Gupta and her colleagues' practice at the Brighton Medical Offices, read "Brighton's Neighborly Patients Inspire CPMG Physicians."

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