A Small Team's Significant Impact

Dr. Peggy Sheehan

Dr. Peggy Sheehan has served Kaiser Permanente members at the Castle Rock Medical Offices since 2009. Prior to that, she worked in CPMG’s float pool of primary care physicians and practiced pediatrics at any of the Colorado clinics that needed an extra hand.

“I gravitated toward the smaller clinics because I appreciated the strong sense of community,” says Dr. Sheehan. “Castle Rock has the charm of a small town. Although it has grown exponentially, its roots are rural. People have a very can-do attitude and like to develop a personal relationship with their doctor.”

Seven physicians are based at the Castle Rock Medical Offices, providing members with care in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Dermatology.

“We are supported by terrific mid-level providers and nursing staff. Everyone has a sense of teamwork and ownership. We all strive to make our clinic run well and to provide a good service experience for our members. When everyone’s on board with the same vision, you feel it.”

Each person on the Castle Rock team provides constructive feedback to hold one another accountable.

“We really listen and make changes when we need to. We’re a small enough team that a minor tweak to our workflow can make a big difference,” adds Dr. Sheehan.

And although this medical office is one of Kaiser Permanente’s smallest in the Denver metro area, it offers the same convenient, integrated care available at other clinics.

“We have medical imaging, lab and pharmacy, which makes it so much easier for a member to get all of their care in one place. The electronic medical record system connects us to specialists, and we can quickly refer patients to be seen when they need to be seen.”

From skilled specialists to care coordination, Kaiser Permanente allows members to access resources that simply aren’t available from private practices.

“CPMG has many specialists available for children, and we also have wonderful relationships with Children’s Hospital and Sky Ridge Medical Center,” comments Dr. Sheehan. “Our Chronic Care Coordinators are incredibly helpful when you have a patient who has multiple problems and needs to organize care with a variety of specialists and services.”

Dr. Sheehan credits monthly opportunities for continuing medical education (CME) with keeping her up to date on best practices, but emphasizes that ample time with her patients is what really informs her practice.

“It’s a privilege to be a part of families’ lives as they start with one child and then have more. As an introverted person, it’s great to walk into one room at a time and visit with people, learn something about their lives, who they are, what their interests are and how they’re growing into their personalities. It’s a treat.”

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