A Tight-Knit Community in Castle Rock

Dr. David Craigie
Family Medicine Physician

Dr. David Craigie has worked at four Kaiser Permanente medical offices in the Denver metro area throughout his career at Colorado Permanente Medical Group. He played an instrumental role in opening both the Highlands Ranch and Castle Rock Medical Offices, and now serves the Castle Rock community, including his own neighbors.

The ability to work close to home is just one aspect Dr. Craigie enjoys about working for CPMG and caring for Kaiser Permanente Colorado members.

“I’ve appreciated working in the Castle Rock Medical Offices because it is a smaller office and I really have the opportunity to get to know my colleagues. Our Primary Care department is a tight-knit group and we’re able to sit near our nurses and have open communication, which makes our clinic run smoothly,” says Dr. Craigie.

Although Castle Rock is a more intimate medical office setting, CPMG physicians still have convenient access to top-notch CPMG specialists and members’ electronic medical records.  

“Coordinating my patients’ care is seamless. I have 24/7 access to our specialists and have developed relationships with colleagues that I can consult and feel confident in their expertise. I do my best to reciprocate, and I also share my knowledge with the nurse practitioners and residents. I take to heart that part of the Hippocratic Oath which requires we teach our skills to the next generation of providers.”

CPMG physicians are regularly updated on the latest clinical research and best practices with opportunities for continuing medical education (CME).

“CPMG helps me to be a better doctor. We’re empowered to practice evidence-based medicine. Rather than fumbling through options that we think might work, we have research to support that our treatment recommendations are high-quality medicine and proven to have better outcomes. It’s a fulfilling way to practice,” adds Dr. Craigie.

Dr. Craigie participates in monthly CME conferences for family medicine and pediatrics. These learning opportunities are provided by CPMG and built into his schedule, allowing Dr. Craigie and his colleagues to maintain their licenses while continuing to grow in their practices.

Dr. Craigie finds himself among a strong group of highly trained, board certified physicians at CPMG.

“Being board certified is an important indication to your patients that you’re a credible medical professional who really knows what they’re doing. We all completed residencies, so we had at least three additional years of training after medical school depending on our specialty,” explains Dr. Craigie. “We have to complete continuing medical education and be tested every 10 years to ensure we are up to date. You won’t find that caliber of physicians at every medical group.”

CPMG exclusively hires physicians who are board eligible coming out of residency or who are board certified as experienced physicians. These high standards for hiring contribute to physicians’ confidence in their colleagues’ expertise.

“There is a culture of collegiality and collaboration here. At CPMG, we’re not in competition amongst ourselves for business, so we get along well and strive to treat our patients the right way.”

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