Working Together -- In the Medical Office and Across Town

Dr. Zachary Hutzayluk II
Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Zachary Hutzayluk II decided to become a family medicine physician, inspired by his own.

“Growing up, our family doctor was a big influence on our lives. My mom worked in his office and we would go there after school,” says Dr. Hutzayluk.

Dr. Hutzayluk was raised near Philadelphia, made his way to Baltimore to earn his undergraduate degree at Johns Hopkins University, and then returned to Philadelphia to attend Thomas Jefferson Medical College. Following his family medicine residency in Canton, Ohio, he worked in an urgent care clinic for a year.

During that time, Dr. Hutzayluk pursued a move to Colorado, where his future wife lived.

“I really like Colorado because it’s pretty out here. Back East, you don’t understand how amazing it is to see the mountains every day.”

Dr. Hutzayluk joined the Primary Care department at Kaiser Permanente’s Brighton Medical Offices in 2014. He quickly realized the benefits of working in an integrated health care system.

“The coordination of care helps us to ensure that our patients follow through with their treatment or medications. We use one of the better electronic medical record systems I’ve seen, and it allows me to consult with specialists routinely,” explains Dr. Hutzayluk. 

“My patients appreciate that I can talk to a specialist and guide them without them necessarily having to schedule a separate appointment with the specialist. The best part of my job is seeing a patient getting healthier or a problem being solved.”

Dr. Hutzayluk also recognizes the aspects of running a medical practice that he doesn’t have to manage alone at CPMG. 

“We have a great team of people who help physicians provide care. Our nurses assist us with charting and coders make sure patients are billed appropriately for the services we provided. We have skilled pharmacists to manage prescriptions and even an Anti-Coagulation Clinic to regularly monitor our patients on blood thinners. All this support allows me not to get bogged down. I can focus on the patient in the exam room.” 

At the Brighton Medical Offices, providers and administrative staff are supportive of one another and share the commitment to putting patients first.

“We work well together. Our chief values our input and makes sure that she’s not asking us to do anything she wouldn’t be willing to do herself,” adds Dr. Hutzayluk. “We’re also encouraged to help with the projects that interest us. I serve as the Patient Safety Chair and HealthConnect Ambassador for our medical office.”   

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